When viewing the list or grid of all the projects in your gomo portal, you can right-click on any of them to access a menu of different things you can do:



Open project

This will open the project, just as you would if you left-clicked on the project item.

 Move to project folderThis will allow you to move the project to another folder within your account

Preview project

This will launch the project preview functionality and enable you to preview what the final content will look like when published on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Duplicate projects

This will duplicate the project as a brand-new project.

Publish projects

This will publish the project in a SCORM-compatible zip file, ready for upload to your Learning Management System (LMS) or other location (e.g. web server).

 Share projectThis will provide you with a URL and QR code which can be distributed to stakeholders 

Delete project

This will delete the project from your portal. Please note that there is no undo function.

 Transfer projectThis will allow you to transfer the project to another gomo account 

Additional Information

Move to project folder

You can transfer a course in your account to any folder within the same account. When you select 'Move to project folder' you will be presented with the following 'Project folder selection' screen. This provides a list of all the folders in your account. You can scroll to the required folder, left-click to select & then click 'Assign to folder'. We would recommend refreshing your web browser to confirm the change.

Duplicate project

The Duplicate project option can be used to create a new copy of a course within your account. The duplication process can take up to 10 minutes to complete (depending on the size of the course being duplicated) Once the duplication process completes a new version of the course will be created in the same folder as the original. The duplicate will contain the same name as the original but with (COPY) at the end. The duplicate will also have its own unique Project ID assigned to it.

Publish project

You can publish your Gomo courses in SCORM format and upload to any SCORM-compliant Learning Management System for delivery to your learners. For further details on publishing please select the following link: Publish project

Transfer project 

Projects can be transferred from one account to another using the Transfer project option. This option will only appear if Transfers have been enabled in your account.  Project transfers work on a Parent/Child relationship. The Parent account can transfer copies of courses to the Child account only. A Child account cannot transfer a course to a Parent. If you select Transfer project you will be presented with the following screen. The 'Please select account' dropdown list will contain all accounts you can transfer a course to. Select the Child account you want to transfer the course to and click 'Transfer'.  

Note: This process will transfer a copy of the course to the Child account. The original version of the course will remain in the Parent account. To set up a Parent/Child link for your account please raise a support ticket with us and we can set this up for you

Share project

The Share project feature is a great way to allow colleagues and stakeholders the ability to review/test your projects. To learn more about the Share project feature select the following link: Share project