1. User role permissions

There are different levels of permissions which an Account Owner can assign to gomo authoring users:

While an editor will have access to the project settings tab within a project, their access will be restricted as follows:

2. Topic editing restrictions

Editors are restricted to accessing projects they have been granted access to by an administrator. However, in addition to this existing functionality, we have now added in topic-level restrictions so that access to specific content topics in that course can be further restricted.
Topic level restrictions for editors assigned to the project can be implemented via the topic setting (right click on the content topic):

When a topic is restricted, any editors who have access to the project will be presented with a ‘restricted’ topic indicator for that topic:

While the topic will remain visible in the project structure and also when previewing/reviewing the course, those users will not be able to launch the editor for the topic or alter the content for the topic via the XLIFF export/import process.

Please note! Topic editing restrictions will be applicable to editors and to content topics only, not meta-topics available in gomo. These include:

  • Help
  • Glossary
  • Resources

3. Publish workflow restrictions (optional)

As an enhancement to the publish process to ensure that all content has been approved for publishing, gomo 3.5 now has optional publishing restrictions which we can enable in your account, so that a project can only be published once all content topics have been flagged as completed.

Administrators and editors logged into gomo authoring will be able to set the following production statuses for a topic:

  • Not started
  • In development
  • In review
  • Completed
  • Published

The ‘topic production status’ can be set via the topic settings (right click) of a selected content topic.

For visual reference, we have updated the topic production icons as follows:

Please note! Publish workflow restrictions will only be applicable to content topics and not meta-topics associated with the following extras available in gomo. These include:

  • Help
  • Glossary
  • Resources

If any content topic is not marked as ‘Complete’ or ‘Published’ when an administrator attempts to publish, the user will be informed that they cannot publish the project:

When a publish project is processed, the topic status setting for each content topic will automatically be updated from ‘Complete’ to ‘Published’. If topics have been previously published and not edited, the published status of these topics will remain the same.
If a topic is edited while it has a status of  ‘completed’ or ‘published’, when an edit to that topic is saved, the production status of the topic will be automatically updated and set to ‘In Production’.

If you would like these publishing restrictions enabled on your account, please email us at support@gomolearning.com with the details of the account and the email address you are using to log in to it, and we will enable it.