If you are the Account Owner for your account then you can create User profiles for your colleagues. You can manage the level of access/capability each User has by assigning them a User role. When logging in to gomo an Account Owner will see a 'Team' icon in the top left hand corner of the screen. To create a new User select Actions > Add new user. 


Once a User has been added you can define what level of permissions they have. (if a User is an Administrator/Editor then they should also have the ability to review)


The following table shows what capability each User role has within gomo.

Once the new User has been added they should automatically be added to the User Permissions area list for each project. You can then decide whether the User can access individual projects by setting their permissions to be OFF or ON

Note: for further information about the Reviewer User role & how to create tasks for them please refer to the following support article - https://www.gomolearning.com/support/faqs/faqs/creating-tasks-in-a-project-for-review