5.33.1 of Instilled is scheduled for release on June 4 2019. All items listed below. If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket.


[KPD-761] - Refactor `feature` table - change type of column `name` to be VARCHAR with CHECK constraint bounded to enum

[KPD-837] - Subscribe from the container page

[KPD-890] - Enabling/Disabling tables inheritance by gradle

[KPD-1010] - Change HTML Title and Description on all platforms


[KPD-678] - PUT viewed_fragments/id not saving end_msec for live events

[KPD-732] - Incorrect hit count in the unique viewed time report

[KPD-763] - Add missing MEDIUM__DELETE USER__DELETE events to synchronization

[KPD-798] - INVITEE Users cannot create completion subscription

[KPD-860] - Update E2E Tests

[KPD-914] - RXD export issue

[KPD-931] - Rustici course hit creation fails for anonymous user

[KPD-937] - Completion report takes in account deleted permissions

[KPD-938] - Value of updated_at missing in UVT recalculation

[KPD-939] - Group autoenrollment from CAVs does not work for PASSWORD users

[KPD-973] - Screen Capture Extension Not Detected

[KPD-980] - Correct customer report - include only videos with media.type equal to Video

[KPD-982] - Customer report link - incorrect behaviour

[KPD-1011] - Customer report content permissions


[KPD-553] - Converting live events into videos: API

[KPD-554] - Converting live events to videos: management UI

[KPD-638] - Support for xAPI: generation of container events

[KPD-658] - Completion status tracking on the backend: containers

[KPD-659] - Completion status reporting in the API: media and containers

[KPD-660] - Completion status reporting on the frontend

[KPD-683] - Set SystemHomepageUrl in Engine on tenant creation

[KPD-689] - WS configuration in the Platform: backend

[KPD-709] - Spock tests for integrations with WS People and Groups APIs

[KPD-714] - Spock tests for event generation

[KPD-720] - Support for xAPI: container completion calculation and event generation on hierarchy changes

[KPD-722] - WS configuration in the LRP, config sync

[KPD-729] - Tracking live events in parallel with mass generation of historic events

[KPD-743] - Disable sending "Launch" statement for Engine launches.

[KPD-752] - Updates to orchestration of mass creation of events based on historic data

[KPD-765] - Infinity loop is happened when kafka wrapper library gets syntactically invalid json message

[KPD-768] - Last updated time for progressed

[KPD-769] - Group metadata-only update

[KPD-778] - User name on report cards is not informative

[KPD-779] - Rework completion and success for media

[KPD-796] - Enable CAs for containers

[KPD-801] - RXD Container Exports do not resume properly

[KPD-806] - Creation of container completion statements

[KPD-857] - Launch and video-related statements up until April 11/12 do not have registration components

[KPD-866] - Remove "dirty" from version

[KPD-867] - Display release number

[KPD-871] - Incorrect extension ID and format for session ID.

[KPD-872] - Progressed and Completed statements for video missing session IDs

[KPD-874] - Watched, Paused, & Played statements are being generated for Rustici Engine content

[KPD-877] - Improvements for Shell report

[KPD-887] - Add "Edit Date" extension to statements about Rustici Engine Courses

[KPD-888] - Move duration extension to Activity Definition and use millisecond precision

[KPD-889] - Instilled Category Activity missing for "logged in" statements.

[KPD-892] - Add name to Recipe Category activity

[KPD-893] - Containers are missing names in activity definitions

[KPD-895] - Instilled Activity name needs to be updated to "Instilled"

[KPD-896] - Missing end slash for "logged in" statements

[KPD-917] - Generate "logged out" events on session deletion.

[KPD-919] - Issues with custom attribute search on front-103

[KPD-921] - Issue with custom attribute on content objects

[KPD-948] - Do not generate login/logout statements for the user labeled ANONYMOUS

[KPD-953] - Remove Video Recipe Category Activity from non-Recipe statements

[KPD-986] - English Issues on Analytics Pages

[KPD-1001] - UI fixes for the non-unique metrics report

[KPD-1002] - A "tooltip" for completion/success of content objects

[KPD-1003] - Report on last viewed at time

[KPD-1004] - Display user creation time on activation page

[KPD-1008] - Rework handling of RE registrations: backend

[KPD-1009] - Rework handling of RE registrations: frontend