As of October 22, 2019 the Instilled platform now accepts linking to external URLS as a resource type. This can be used to link to articles, websites, blogs, or just any website in general!

Steps to add a URL: (note your Instilled platform may look different if it has been altered by a different theme or style)

1) Click the (+) icon in the bottom right of the platform and select "Add External Link"

2) Type in your website URL and give it title.

3) Once creation is complete, you will be brought to a Manage section of the URL where you can change the Title and Description of the newly linked resource. You can always return to this page at anytime by clicking the gear icon of the resource on the container page and selecting 'Manage'.

5) Use the breadcrumbs to navigate back to the container page.

*For more information regarding the navigation of the platform (including the breadcrumbs mentioned above), please see the Navigating the Content Structure  of Instilled article.

Note* If you receive the error "Refused to Connect", this is because the website you are trying to link has security restrictions in place that do not allow it to be embedded within another platform (like Instilled).